Stilo Anti-Fog Helmet Shield Cleaner



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Stilo's Anti-Fog Helmet Shield Cleaner, Acrysol, is the only cleaner that should be used on your Stilo helmet shields. Simply applied using a standard paper towel (do not use Microfiber!), this product also works for cleaning many other helmet shields from other manufacturers without damaging the anti-fog, anti-scratch, or colored coatings.

Part Number:STYA0640
  • Will not damage shield coatings
  • Safe to use on most painted or plastic surfaces
  • No lingering odor or film residue
  • 16 oz aerosol spray

Directions for use: 

  1. Spray Acrysol on a clean paper towel to saturate. Do not use a microfiber cloth!!
  2. Wipe shield with saturated paper towel to clean. 
  3. Wipe dry with clean paper towel.

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