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Sparco X-Light Racing Suit

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Sparco's X-Light racing suit returns with an extra design focus on comfort and mobility. Pushing the boundaries of Sparco's multi-layer suit technology, the X-Light features an all new lightweight Nomex outer layer, combined with a plush inner layer that provides superior fire protection with an extremely comfortable feel. Featuring stretch technology borrowed from the Eagle Hocotex suit line, Eagle-Stretch fabric is incorporated into the back with a multi-directional format that offers excellent mobility. The same fabric is then added to the elbows and combined with full-float sleeves for effortless arm movement. Finally, these breathable stretch panels run from under the arms to the thighs, and again from inner-thigh to inner-thigh through the crotch for unhampered movement. This gives the X-Light the most stretch panels of any Sparco suit, and unsurpassed comfort in the seated driving position.

Sparco X-Light Racing Suit
Sparco X-Light Racing Suit Sale price$999.00 Regular price$1,399.00