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Sparco Tide MG-9 & MX Flou H-9 Gloves

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The Sparco Tide MG-9 (Black) and the MX Flou H-9 (Yellow) fire-proof gloves are designed for extreme pit-crew gloves, but with the FIA-rating (Black, Tide MG-9 only), can easily double as heavy-duty racing gloves. The durable padded palm features a pre-formed construction, and is coated with Sparco's signature high-grip HTX-3D Volcano pattern. Protective padding on the knuckles and thumb is both perfect for crew work, or when extra protection is needed while driving. The full meta-aramidic construction offers significant heat and fire protection, while the simple elastic wrist is comfortable and easy to put on.

Extra: High visibility Fluorescent Yellow model is a favorite of pit crews for the additional visibility afforded. Never lose sight of your hands again!
Sparco Tide MG-9 & MX Flou H-9 Gloves
Sparco Tide MG-9 & MX Flou H-9 Gloves Sale price$100.00 Regular price$200.00