Sparco Tide-K Karting Gloves



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Sparco's cutting edge Tide K Kart racing glove, utilizes the same technology found in the fire resistant Tide glove to provide gobs of grip, shock absorption and comfort. Constructed from a special elasticated cotten jersey fabric blend, the Tide K excels in not only breathability but also protection. The anatomically correct palm contours naturally to the shape of the driver's hands, and is coated with 3D-HTX - this Sparco-exclusive material maximizes grip, absorbs vibrations, and is ultra-durable. A padded knuckle area on the palm further increases hand protection. The Tide K is finished with a comfortable pre-formed shape, external seams, and a strapless, elastic wrist. Finally, Sparco's exclusive Touch-S technology has been applied to the index finger and thumb for compatibility with touchscreen phones, dashes, and lap timers.

Rating: Part Number: SP286 SIZE COLOR
Manufacturer: 00286xx

  • Touchscreeen compatible finger tips work with phones, data acquisition devices, and lap timers.
    • PE+ cotton elasticated jersey fabric construction.
      • External seams for maximium comfort and steering wheel feel.
        • Advanced 3D HTX palm treatment, a Sparco-exclusive material that increases grip, absorbs vibrations and increases dexterity.
          • The hollow volcano shape of the HTX treatment is stylized in a hollow volcano shape that is specially designed to dampen vibrations and increase durability.

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