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Sparco Superspeed RS-9 Racing Suit

SKU: SP11279-56-RED
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Years ago, Sparco introduced the original lightweight racing suit - the X-Light. Sparco's latest multi-layer racing suit, the Superspeed RS-9, continues this tradition and demonstrates just how far things have come! With a price far lower then that of the original X-Light, the Superspeed still offers the same classic design that helped define the european driving suit. Using naturally strong and lightweight silk fibers which are blended into the fire-resistant meta-aramid weave, a natural sheen is created. This not only gives a stunning appearance, but helps increase the suit's breathability. Perforated panels are then added throughout the suit to help further increase driver comfort, while still maintaining both SFI & FIA certifications. 4-way stretch panels are strategically located throughout the suit, including full-length side panels, to offer fantastic fit and excellent mobility.

Sparco Superspeed RS-9 Racing Suit
Sparco Superspeed RS-9 Racing Suit Sale price$799.00 Regular price$1,350.00