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Sparco Superleggera RS-9.1 Racing Suit

SKU: SP11269-48-BLK
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The Sparco Superleggera has been redesigned for 2016 to continue as the lightest multi-layer suit on the market today. Second in weight only to the Hocodex-equipped Sparco Extrema, the Superleggera RS-9.1 offers a slightly more traditional style and fit. Developed through an exclusive partnership with Dupont, the ultra-lightweight knit fireproof fabric is highly breathable and comfortable to wear. Stretch paneling borrowed from the Eagle suit is lighter and far more durable then typical stretch fireproof fabrics and has been strategically placed to provide an optimal seated position. Pre-curved arms allow for additional ergonomics and comfort. X-Cool Silver lining helps draw heat from the body to help keep you cool, while on the outside, a unique stitching pattern accents a flat sheen finish to create an attractive fitted look and feel.

Sparco Superleggera RS-9.1 Racing Suit
Sparco Superleggera RS-9.1 Racing Suit Sale price$999.00 Regular price$1,800.00