Sparco Ice Socks - Knee Length

SKU: SP1520ICE SML 38/39


This product is on backorder and will ship when available.

The Ice line of Sparco Soft-touch Nomex Underwear utilizes Sparco's unique X-Cool treatment. X-Cool is a chemical treatment applied to the fabric consisting of micro capsules that are freed as body temperature rises. These capsules move away from the heat source (in this case, your body), thus lowering the overall body temperature. A by-product of this treatment is a refreshing menthol fragrance that is released as the capsules move. Knee length offers more protection by covering up to the knee.

Sparco: 001510ICExx (Short), 001520ICExx (Long)
Internal: SP1511ICE SIZE (Short), SP1521ICE SIZE (long)

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