SPA Technique FireSense FIA Fire System - 4 Liter Mechanical



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Spa Technique's FireSense Fire Systems were designed specifically for closed cockpit cars (for example, touring and rally cars). With the 4 nozzles and large 4 liter bottle, splitting fire protection between the engine compartment and cockpit has never been simpler!

SPA's FIA 2023 approved ATF (Fluorine-Free), AFFF-AR (Water-based, Alcohol-resistant, Aqueous Film Forming Foam) is a non-toxic, ozone friendly, fire suppressant that offers the competitor the same level of protection as the pros use. The FIA 2023 approved steel bottle (FIA Homologation # EX.66.22) is an affordable alternative to the more expensive alloy or carbon-fiber fire systems.
Rating:FIA-2023 (EX.66.22)
Part Number:SPA23FIA23-FS4L

Each Kit Includes:

  • 4-Liter ATF, AFFF-AR Bottle (filled & charged)
  • (1) 6-ft, (1) 12-ft Remote Pull Cable
  • (4) AFFF Nozzles (2-Engine, 2-Cockpit)
  • (3) 8 mm T-fittings
  • (1) 8mm Bulkhead Fitting
  • (20-ft) 8mm Polyethylene-coated Aluminum Decabon Tubing
  • (2) Bottle Mounting Straps w/ FIA Anti-Torpedo Tabs
  • (1) Large & (1) Small E-Sticker

Fire Bottle Dimensions (inches):

  • Diameter: 5.9
  • Length: 16.54
  • Weight: 15 lbs.

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