Road-Keeper Dual HD Video Camera and Roll Bar Mount



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The cutting-edge Road-Keeper system is a revolutionary video data solution that records dual-stream 1080p full HD video and audio, coupled with 10Hz GPS and accelerometer data. Seamlessly compatible with our Race-Keeper Comparo video data analysis application, Road-Keeper empowers you to leverage the same professional-grade tools for reviewing, analyzing, comparing, and exporting video and data from your video data logger.

Whether you're on the road or at the track, Road-Keeper ensures you capture every moment with its cyclic logging feature, guaranteeing the latest action is always preserved. Forget about manual video management—old recordings are automatically overwritten when storage space is needed.

This version of our Road-Keeper HD system comes equipped with a versatile roll bar mounting system and an external 10Hz GPS module, complete with a 10ft cable for convenient roof mounting.

Housed in a compact unit featuring dual 1080p HD cameras, accelerometers, and a status screen, Road-Keeper enables a secure and discreet installation in your vehicle. The adjustable vertical and horizontal positioning of both cameras ensures the perfect view is captured.

For in-car audio recording, the microphone is seamlessly integrated into the video streams. Concerned about privacy? Easily mute the microphone by pressing the dedicated Mic button on your Road-Keeper. 




  • 2 x clamps for mounting to any size roll bar

  • 32GB micro SD card with SD card adapter

  • Cigarette lighter plug 12v power cable – Long

  • PC USB cable

Technical Specifications:

  • Road-Keeper HD with roll bar mount attached, 10ft GPS, and power loom weighs in at just 1 lbs (440g)
  • Operating temp range is -10C to +65C
  • Storage temp range is -10 C to +75 C

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