Planted Side Mount Seat Adapter - Mazda Miata (NB, 1998-05) - Passenger



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Planted's Low Profile Mazda Miata adapters are designed around the popular Sparco Sprint seat, but will work with similarly sized seats from all manufacturers. The side-mounting brackets are engineered to mount the seat as far back and as low as possible - perfect for taller drivers! Although not compatible with sliders, the brackets offer multiple mounting points to fine-tune the seating position. Planted Seat Brackets are constructed from 3/16" thick steel for superior strength, and finished with a durable black powder coat.

Note: Aftermarket Seats come in many different shapes and sizes, and not all seats fit all vehicles. Please take the proper measurements before ordering your seat and attempting an installation. Many vehicles also offset the steering wheel towards the center of the car. This can be made worse when installing an aftermarket seat with different dimensions from the originally installed equipment

Warning: Adapter kits and most aftermarket seats do not facilitate the transfer of many modern vehicle electronics, such as airbags and/or seat harness circuitry. Because of this, professional installation is highly recommended. Please consult your factory service manual before installing any after-market merchandise and INSTALL AT YOUR OWN RISK.
Part Number: SB255 RIGHT
Manufacturer: SB255PA
  • Fits all 1998-2005 Mazda Miata Roadsters (NB-Chassis).
  • Extra-low mounting point allows seat to sit as far back and as low as possible.
  • Multiple mounting points for fine-tuning seating position.

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