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Performance Friction Direct Drive Replacement Rotor - Porsche 996/997 GT3 (Rear, Slotted-Race)

SKU: PF34829006045
Sale price$675.95


348.29.0060.45 & 348.29.0060.45 V2 Direct Drive Replacement Rotors only for the Performance Friction Direct Drive system for the rear of the Porsche 996 & 997 GT2/GT3. The Slotted version is designed for race-applications only and should be professionally installed. Price is per rotor. 2-piece rotors offer better cooling over a one-piece design. Performance Friction's full floating Direct Drive attachment system allows the brake disc to naturally expand/contract both radially and axially without being constrained by the hub. This helps eliminate rotor warping, vibrations and pulsations.

Note: Performance Friction Brake Pads are recommended for this set up. All other pads must be checked for proper rotor clearance at installation and periodically as they wear. Some brands of brake pads will fit at time of installation, but may contact the rotor-hat during use which can lead to brake failure.