Performance Friction 7770.03.20.44 Racing Pad - 03 Compound

SKU: PF77700320


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With a higher bite and torque then the popular 01 compound, Performance Friction's 03 compound is perfect for when a little extra bite is desired. A slight rise in torque occurs as temperatures rise in order to cope with extreme conditions. As expected from Performance Friction, the 03 compound exhibits excellent modulation and release characteristics, while having less torque scatter then competig pads, and excellent disc conditioning properties.

Common Caliper Fitments:

Manufacturer: Model:
Alcon DP Rear
  CAR 32
AP Racing CP5779, CP5780, CP5788, CP5789
Brembo X2.023.21/24
Wilwood Integra 4 and 6
Outlaw Radial MT
  6000 4P / 6P

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