OMP One 2 Versa Racing Harness



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OMP's professional One 2 Versa harness features 2" belt and ultra-fast adjusting pull-up lap belt and anti-submarine belts. Homologated to FIA's newest 8853/2016 standard, the improved camlock buckle features an indented release to prevent accidental opening, and a double-pin T-Bar Sub-Belt for improved strength. Ultra-lightweight adjusters are manufactured from high-strength aluminum for weight savings, and feature an easy-to-use compact design that prevents belt slipping. Perfect for endurance events and driving schools requiring frequent driver changes, the One Versa is also ideal for cars with small cockpits that typically suffer from frustrating harness adjustments. The shoulder straps feature intercom holders and loops for surgical tubing/rubber bands (for quick driver swaps).

Rating:FIA 8853/2016
Sub-Strap:Dual (2), T-Type
Lap Adjuster:Pull-Up
Belt Ends:Loose Shoulder/Sub, Sewn Lap
Hardware:Included (Carabiner & Snap-in w/ Eyebolts)
Part Number:OMDA202VHSL

A 2" lap belt is ideal for some drivers for improved harness fitment. By sitting on the crest of the pelvis (as opposed to riding on the edges), the 2" belt can allow for a tighter fitment, improving safety. Larger drivers may also find greater comfort with a slimmer belt as the belt can rest more comfortably on the pelvis.

  • 2" shoulder and 2" lap belts.
  • Quick Adjusters on Sub-Belts for easier driver changes.
  • Ultralight, aluminum adjusters.

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