Motul RBF660 Racing Brake Fluid



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Motul RBF660 Racing Brake Fluid offers extremely high wet & dry boiling points (greater then Motul's RBF-600 fluid) for the ultimate in braking performance. With a typical dry boiling point of 617°F/325°C (wet boiling point: 400°F/204°C) Motul RBF660 helps prevent vapor lock and fade in the harshest environments. Suitable for street use in vehicles requiring Dot 3 or Dot 4 fluid.

500 ml (1.05 US pint) container. Bottles are filled with nitrogen to extend shelf life and eliminate contamination while factory sealed.

Note: Motul RBF660 is not silicone based and compatible with most factory brake systems and fluids. Always follow vehicle manufacturer's recommendations when adding brake fluid!
Part Number: MOTUL660
  • 100% Synthetic Racing Fluid

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