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Marina Air Plus DP Sharp Ladies Racing Suit

Sale price$995.00
Custom Suit Instructions

The Base Price includes the design you see, with your choice of custom color combinations, and off-the-shelf sizing. The following options are available for an additional fee:

  • Custom Made-to-Measure Sizing: $200
  • Custom Printing/Logos: $200 (Included at no additional charge with Unic Plus models. All custom graphics must be provided in Vector format.
Shipping & Delivery

All Marina Suits are hand-made in Spain. Our price includes both shipping and any taxes/fees. Most suits are manufactured to your specifications within 20 business days. Please allow up to 14 additional days for final delivery - all suits are first shipped to OG Racing for final inspection before being delivered to your door.

Ready to start designing your custom suit?
  1. Click on "Start Customizing". This will open Marina's Suit Customization page for this model.
  2. Color: Start here to customize the colors for your suit. Each suit style has its own unique, customizable sections, with a variety of colors to choose from.
  3. Text: Enter any text here. Clicking "Add" will move the text to the configurator where you can use your mouse cursor to move it where you want. You can add multiple text sections.
  4. Logos: Images or Flags can be added to any primary panels of the suit. Note that although you can upload a basic JPG/PNG file, a Vector file must be on hand for final printing.
  5. Options: Pick any additional options. (Note: "Codriver Pocket" is a Rally/Co-Driver style leg mounted cargo pocket (for pens, maps, etc.)
  6. Once you're happy with your design, click "Finish Customization". A window will appear where you can request Custom Sizing ("Adapted to You", add $200), or Off-the-Shelf sizing. If selecting a size, several sizing options are available - select any of these options at no additional charge, or pick "Standard". Next, enter the suit owner's name and click "Next".
  7. Select your Date of Delivery. Standard Service takes 20 Business Days for completion (please allow for another 5-7 days for shipping. Expesss Service is available (add $300) and cuts the suit manufacture time in half.
  8. Click "Add to Cart"
That's it! Your suit design will be sent to our sales team, and we'll be in touch shortly to finalize the order and payment details.

Notes on measuring:

Accurate measurements are important as all custom suit sales are final - Make sure to triple-check all measurements (you know, measure 5 times, cut once). After you provide your measurements you can also specify what style cut you’d like: Select from Standard, Large, Slim-fit, and more.

For ladies, the custom suit process includes additional measurements to ensure a flawless fit that accentuates the body’s natural curvature. For example, a very important measurement goes from the belly, between the legs, and up to the back of the neck: You’ll get the most accurate measurement by ensuring the measuring tape runs flat against the buttocks and touches the lower back.

Similar in design to the classic Air Plus, the Air Plus DP prints the suit accents (instead of sewing/embroidering) to not only reduce complexity and weight, but to provide a less expensive custom suit option. The classically style suit features stretch fabric at both the armpits and waist maximize mobility and comfort.

Marina Air Plus DP Sharp Ladies Racing Suit
Marina Air Plus DP Sharp Ladies Racing Suit Sale price$995.00