Longacre Toe-In Gauge

SKU: LONG79620


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The most accurate way to measure toe-in. Scribe a true line in the tire face, adjust the pointers to line up with the scribe, move the tool to the back of the tire and measure the toe-in to within 1/32". Easily done by one person.

To get a very accurate toe-in measurement jack up front wheels and scribe a true running line on the face of the tire. Place the gauge in front of the tires and align the pointers with the scribe lines. Then move the gauge to the rear of the tires and align the fixed end with the scribe line. On the other end loosen the thumb screws and move the slider until the pointer aligns with the other scribe line. Now read the exact toe-in on the scale. Quick, easy, & accurate.
Part Number: LONG79620
Manufacturer: 79620
  • A more accurate way to measure toe-in to within 1/32"
  • Easily done by one person

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