Longacre SMI Elite Waterproof 2 Gauge Panel - OP/WT

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Longacre's 3-Gauge SMi Panel comes complete with the advanced AccuTech SMi Gauges. The 2-5/8" Stepper-Motor gauges use a small electronic motor that turns a fraction of a rotation to drive the pointer. Much more precise then traditional mechanical gauges, many pro-racing teams are switching to Stepper-Motor gauges to improve accuracy. The gauges include ultra bright LED warning lights that are easily set by the user. The Oil Pressure gauge includes 3 total set-points to make sure you notice motor problems before they become disastrous. The kit includes everything necessary for installation - heavily insulated wiring, soldered/heat-shrinked terminals, lights, and senders. Includes an attractive composite panel.
Part Number:LONG44560
  • New waterproof design eliminates the need to remove gauges before you wash your car. 
  • LED backlit numbers and illuminated pointers. 
  • Custom set your warnings and brightness. 
  • Backlight changes color based on the warning. 
  • Panels are completely wired and ready for quick installation.
  • All sensors are included.


  • Includes: Oil Pressure (0-100 psi), Water Temperature (100-280° F)Brand: AccuTech™ SMi™
  • Style: Stepper Motor
  • Type: Electronic
  • Size: 2 5/8" diameter
  • Face Color: Black
  • Bezel Color: Black
  • Pointer Color: Red LED Illuminated
  • Oil Pressure Included: Yes
  • Oil Pressure Range: 0-100 psi
  • Oil Pressure Sensor Wiring: 5' lead length
  • Oil Pressure Sensor Fitting: 1/8" NPT
  • Oil Pressure Power Draw: 61mA @ 12v
  • Water Temperature Included: Yes
  • Water Temperature Range: 100º-280º F
  • Water Temperature Sensor Wiring: 6' lead length
  • Water Temperature Sensor Fitting: 1/2" NPT
  • Water Temperature Power Draw: 62mA @ 12v
  • Oil Temperature Included: No
  • Fuel Pressure Included: No
  • Voltage Gauge Included: No
  • Tachometer Included: No
  • Gauge Backlights: Blue
  • Gauge Warning Lights: Yes
  • Run on 12v System: Yes
  • Run on 16v System: Yes


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Finish: Black anodized
  • Gauge Panel Dimensions: 7" x 3 5/8"
  • Sensors Included: Yes
  • Wiring Included: Yes
  • Pressure Sensor Adapter Included: No

Replacement Parts:

  • Pressure Sensor - 100 psi: PN 43520
  • Pressure Sensor QD 'Pigtail' Wire: PN 43530
  • Pressure Sensor Adapter: PN 43525
  • Temperature Sensor - 280° F: PN 43500

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