Longacre Digital Caster/Camber Gauge With Quickset Adapter

SKU: LONG78295

The Longacre QuickSet Dunlop Style Adapter is the fastest and easiest way to check your front end alignment. Larger size fits up to 22" wheels. Just hold it against the rim for easy, accurate readings. No spindle adapters required here. Works on virtually any car, any size wheel. The 3 point design makes setting caster easier and folds for easy storage.

• Digital Caster/Camber Gauge: AccuLevel Pro Model with back light
• QuickSet adapter
• Silver carrying case

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Part Number: LONG78295
Manufacturer: 78295

Caster/Camber Gauge:
  • Digital, Red Billet Aluminum Housing
  • Backlit display
  • Camber Increments: .1°
  • Positive Camber Adjustments: 0 to +90°
  • Negative Camber Adjustments: 0 to -90°
  • Caster Increments: .1°
  • Positive Caster Adjustments: 0 to +90°
  • Negative Caster Adjustments: 0 to -90°

  • Dunlop 3-arm style
    • Wheel Range: 12-17"
      • Black anodized, Billet Aluminum construction
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