Longacre Caster/Camber Gauge - Magnetic Adapter

SKU: LONG78260


This product is on backorder and will ship when available.

Longacre's Caster & Camber Gauge is accurate to the 1/4°. The easy to read bubble gauge shows both Caster & Camber. All vials are individually calibrated from the factory for accuracy.

Includes magnetic adapter.
Part Number: LONG78260
Manufacturer: 52-78260
  • Reads camber from +6° to -6° accurate to 1/4°
  • Caster readout from +12° to -4° in 1/2° increments
  • All vials are individually checked for accuracy and assembled on a precision fixture
  • All critical surfaces are CNC machined for accuracy
  • New stronger magnetic adapter - dead flat surface for accuracy, won't chip or flake
  • Comes with silver carrying case

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