Longacre Brake Fluid Bleeder Catch Bottle - 2 Bottles

SKU: LONG45200


This product is on backorder and will ship when available.

Longacre's convenient brake fluid bleeder bottle kit is a perfect companion with any brake bleeder system! The extra strong magnet means that there is no more fumbling with clumsy hooks and hangers. Simply slap onto a metal body panel or brake rotor and start bleeding!

Part Number: LONG45200
Manufacturer: 52-45200
  • Magnet holds bottle while you bleed your brakes - no more spilled fluid
  • Hoses connect to bleeder valves - bleed one at a time or both at once
  • Cap for hoses prevents leakage during storage
  • Kit includes 2 bottles and comes with 1/4" bleed wrench

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