Longacre Analog Engine Leak Down Tester - 12mm

SKU: LONG73011


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Designed to help you get the most out of your engine, the Longacre Analog Engine Leak Down Tester is the perfect tool to help you determine when your motor is due for an overhaul. Its easy-to-use design lets you quickly check ring seals, valves, and even head gaskets from the outside. Using precise readings and rugged construction, this tester allows you to get consistent power and extend the time between costly teardowns. It comes with a 12mm plug adapter to fit your motor.

Part Number:LONG73011



  • Allows the ability to achieve consistent power
  • Stretch out the time between costly teardowns
  • Rugged design features rubber bumpers to protect the gauges
  • Exclusive Longacre gauge manifold meters the airflow for precise readings
  • 12 mm plug adapter 

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