Longacre Accutech SMI Tachometer - Black Face With Panel

SKU: LONG44477


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Longacre's stepper motor-style tachometers use a small electric motor to drive the pointer for increased accuracy over more traditional air-core instruments that are easily effected by the windings. This style of tach is so accurate that many professional teams are making the switch - just look at any in-car TV camera!) The easy-to-read 4-1/2" tachometer features a max-RPM recall button, and a 2 stage LED warning light that also doubles as a 2-stage shift light. The back-lit face is combined with an LED illuminated pointer for crystal clear readings in any condition.

Part Number: LONG44477
Manufacturer: 44477
  • 4-1/2" gauge with aluminum panel case
  • Black anodized aluminum panel is pre-wired and ready for installation
  • Easy-to-Read thru-the-dial LED backlights (White or Blue user selectable) and Red-illuminated pointer
  • Range: 0-10K RPM

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