Lifeline AFFF Fire System Refill & Recertification

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Lifeline AFFF Fire Systems must be refilled, inspected and recertified after every discharge. OG Racing's refill service insures your system is ready for your next event. The refill service includes inspection of the bottle (including the firing head and internal parts), flushing and refilling with Lifeline AFFF solution, replacing the firing head (electric systems only) and nitrogen pressurizing the bottle per Lifeline factory requirements. A fresh FIA label will also be applied as needed.

Note: Please review the Bottle Service Eligibility information and DO NOT ship your bottle until after we have reached out to you! You can also Contact Us or call us at 703-430-3303 to speak with a representative immediately.

OG Racing can only service fire system bottles that meet specific criteria. Please review the list below to see if your bottle can be serviced, or if it may incur excess surcharges.

  • What brand is your AFFF Fire System Bottle? We currently are only equipped to service AFFF systems from Lifeline (2018+), SPA Technique, Firesense and Sparco. Bottles that originally contained any other chemical cannot be converted to AFFF.
  • What is the date of manufacture printed on the bottle? Bottles 10 years and older are no longer serviceable per FIA/SFI regulations and will need to be replaced. Please note that if your bottle does need to be replaced, bottles are no longer available for older systems with 6mm tubing (new systems use 8mm tubing).
  • When was the bottle last serviced? Bottles that have not been serviced in the past 4 years often have a heavy build-up from the solution sitting for so long. This may incur a $65 surcharge due to the amount of time needed to clean the inside of the bottle. If the buildup is bad enough, your bottle will need to be replaced (often the case with aluminum bottles).
  • Is there any damage or wear to the bottle, including any scratches? Due to the pressurization of the bottle, any damage will need to be assessed to determine the integrity of the bottle.

When you speak with us, we will do our best to determine your bottles eligibility. We highly suggest having a few detailed photos of your bottle ready to email to us to further help this process.


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