Hawk HB323Y.724 LTS Truck/SUV Street Pad

SKU: HB323Y724


Heavier vehicles with bigger brakes are more likely to experience the same high temperatures and fade during day-to-day driving as a track car. Hawk Performance's LTS brake compound utilizes the same Ferro-Carbon technology found in Hawk's High Performance street car pads to help provide superior stopping power for full-sized light trucks, SUVs and vans without excessive noise or dust. With the excellent wear characteristics, the LTS pads provide excellent stopping power for years to come.

This product is on backorder and will ship when available.

Common Vehicle Fitments:

Cadillac Escalade 2002-06 Front
Chevrolet/GMC Astro 2003-06 Front
  Avalanche 1500 (All) 2002-06 Front
  Avalanche 2500 (All) 2002-08 Rear
  Express 1500 2003-08 Front
  Express 2500 (6-lug only) 2003-05 Front
  Silverado 1500 SS 2003-06 Front
  Silverado 1500 (17" + Wheels) 1999-02 Front
  Silverado 1500 (4-Door) 2001-03 Rear
  Silverado 1500 2003-06 Front
  Silverado 1500 HD 2001-07 Rear
  Silverado 2500, 2500 HD, 3500 1999-08 Rear
  Suburban 1500 2000-06 Front
  Suburban 2500 2000-06 Rear
  Tahoe 2000-06 Front
Hummer H2 2003-09 Rear

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