Hawk HB271F.635 Street Performance Pad - HPS Compound

SKU: HB271F635


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Hawk HPS Brake Pads are the worldwide aftermarket standard for increasing stopping power on your street car. The unique Ferro-Carbon compound offers a higher coefficient of friction over stock pads, increasing stopping power by 20-40% and providing a greater resistance to brake fade. Best yet, the HPS pads are gentle on rotors, wear great, and are very low dust with minimal noise.

Common Pad Fitments:

Audi S4 1993-94 Rear
  S6 1995 Rear
  A8, A8 Quattro 1997-99 Rear
  A6, A6 Quattro 1995-98 Rear
  A4 Quattro (Avant only) 1998-99 Rear
  Cabriolet 1994-97 Rear
  Coupe Quattro (20V) 1990-91 Rear
  4000S, 4000CS All Rear
  5000, 5000CS Quattro All Rear
  80, 90, 100 (incl. Quattro) All Rear

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