Hawk HB180U.640 Racing Pad - DTC-70 Compound

SKU: HB180U640


The DTC-70 is Hawk Performance's top-of-the-line racing brake pad compound. It exhibits high initial bite and torque, while still providing superior pad and disc wear. The DTC-70 has exceptional torque control, with superb modulation (controllability) and release characteristics. It is no wonder that this compound is at the top of Hawk's DTC series.

This product is on backorder and will ship when available.

Common Vehicle Fitments:

Alfa Romeo GTV-6 (2.5) 1984-86 Front
  Milano (All) 1987-897-89 Front
  Spider 1986-90 Front
  Spider Veloce 1983-90 Front
BMW 320I 1977-82 Front

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