Hawk HB132D.580 Racing Pad - ER-1 Compound

SKU: HB132D580


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The Hawk HB132D.580 Racing Pad is the go-to for light-to-medium weight cars participating in HPDE, Track Day, Time Trial, and Endurance Racing events. Featuring Hawk's exclusive ER-1 Compound, this brake pad ensures superior pad and rotor wear, while providing consistent medium-to-high friction and emphasizing pedal communication, modulation, and release.

Common Caliper Fitments:

Manufacturer: Model:
Alcon DP Rear
  CAR 32
AP Racing CP5779, CP5780, CP5788, CP5789
Brembo X2.023.21/24
Wilwood Integra 4 and 6
Outlaw Radial MT
  6000 4P / 6P

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