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HANS III FIA Device - Model 30

SKU: HADK18337-31-FIA
Sale price$565.95


The Hans III Device features a specially engineered hollow collar that reduces device weight substantially. By engineering specific reinforcements into the design, the exceptionally strong structure provides the same level of safety as every other Hans Device, but allows for the lightest and most comfortable injection molded Hans Device ever. Featuring a sculpted round collar (similar to the Sport 2) that allows for increased driver comfort and easier entry/exit from the car.

The Model 30 features an increased arm angle that is ideal for open-cockpit, Formula-type cars with a more reclined seating position. The angle of the device also translates to an improved fit for individuals with broader chests. This style should be used if the standard Hans Device tends to push uncomfortable against the back of your head.
HANS III FIA Device - Model 30
HANS III FIA Device - Model 30 Sale price$565.95