G-Force Revo Carbon SA2020 Helmet

SKU: GF13006-MED


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Based on the Revo Helmet, the G-Force Revo Carbon features a Carbon-Composite shell engineered specifically for Snell's SA2020 specification. The chin bar and crown of the shell provide airflow to the Siphon12 Ventilation Network, a system of intake and exhaust ports that move air through the helmet. Inside, the interior of the Revo features G-Force's Modern Fit padding - a soft-knit, hypoallergenic & flame resistant lining with removable cheek pads. Designed for a deeper inset and more contoured fit to the head, the fit is a promised improvement over older helmet models.

Rating:Snell SA2020
Hans Anchors:Not Included (M6 Threaded)
Weight (MED Size):R17
Shield Style:R17
Part Number:GF13006
  • Upgraded Lightweight Carbon/Composite blend shell with a weight of just over 3.2lbs.
  • Upgraded comfort liner with TrackPAT vision enhancing print and removable, replaceable and adjustable cheek pads.
  • Multi-Density EPS liner engineered for maximum performance.
  • 3mm thick molded Polycarbonate Shield.
  • Precisely molded synthetic rubber shield seal keeps dirt and debris from being a distraction.
  • High quality materials allow the chin strap to be thinner for a more comfortable and secure fit.
  • Newly designed M6 threaded Head and Neck Restraint anchor.

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