Brey Krause R-1155 Harness Bar - Chevrolet Camaro (6th Gen)

SKU: BR1155


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The Brey Krause Model R-1155 Harness Bar for the 2015 and later Chevrolet Camaro properly locates and supports racing shoulder harnesses relative to the driver. In the case of an accident, it helps protect the driver's shoulders and spine. The harness guides also prevent excessive shifting and fatigue of the driver during the high G loads of cornering and braking. Easy to install and remove, the Brey Krause R-1155 Harness Bar uses existing holes and mounting points, and requires no vehicle modification. Kit includes everything needed for a proper 4-point harness set-up, while allowing enough seat travel for the tallest of drivers.

Part Number: BR1155
Manufacturer: R-1155
  • Fits all Sixth-Gen Chevrolet Camaro models (2015+)
  • Material: Type 304, stainless steel
  • Finish: Powdercoated in durable black wrinkle-finish
  • Weight: 16 lbs.
  • Installation: Bar attaches to factory mounting points in "B" pillars.

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