Brey Krause R-1046 Truss-Style Harness Mount - Porsche Cayman (981)

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The innovative Brey Krause R-1046 Harness Mounting solution for the 981 Porsche Cayman makes use of limited space for an installation that neither limits seat travel, nor produces too much of a harness angle. By utilizing the factory Porsche cross-member located directly behind the seats, the R-1046 Truss-style mount offers a proper harness angle and up to 1" of height adjustment - all without restricting rearward seat travel. No structural modification is required - the simple install involves simply peeling back the carpeting and can be hidden when not in use. More avid track-day enthusiasts can pass the harness through the carpet (modification of carpet needed); dedicated race cars can even utilize this design to bypass a harness bar and create additional room for the seat.

As with all harness mounting equipment from Brey-Krause, this product has been tested to exceed DOT, NHTSA, and SAE standards. Because our mount also relies on the factory cross-member we tested the applicable Porsche parts along with the R-1046 to ensure the assembly could withstand the applied forces.
Part Number: BR1046
Manufacturer: R-1046
  • Properly locates harnesses with up to 1" of adjustment.
  • Seamless installation.
  • Exceeds testing requirements for DOT, NHTSA, SAE Motor Vehicle Seat Belt Anchorages-Performance Requirements.
  • Can work along with roll-bars and roll-cages (with factory cross-member installed) that do not have optimal belt location.
  • Allows for full seat travel with stock and aftermarket seats.
  • Does not interfere with Porsche's factory safety system.
  • Allows for roll-cage designs without bars behind the seats for harness mounting.
  • Click Here for the Installation Instructions

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