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Brey Krause R-1020 Harness Guide Bar - Porsche 924, 944 & 968

SKU: BR1020
Sale price$557.92
The Brey Krause Model R-1020 Harness Guide Bar fits all Porsche 924, 944, & 968 cars. Brey Krause harness guide bars for the Porsche 924, 944, & 968 properly locates the racing shoulder harness relative to the driver. Harness guides also prevent excessive shifting and fatigue of the driver during the high G-loads of cornering and braking. The Brey Krause harness guide bars are carefully engineered to transfer these forces to factory supplied points that are designed to take the load. Manufactured from type 304, stainless steel with a satin finish - superior materials and workmanship do the job while having an appearance worthy of a Porsche.

Note: These are Guide Bars ONLY. DO NOT mount Harnesses directly to these pieces.