Bell SE03 DSAF Fog Free Helmet Shield - Fits GP.3, GTX.3 Helmets



This product is on backorder and will ship when available.

Bell SE03 DSAF Replacement Shields are specifically designed for the Bell GTX3 Carbon, GTX3, GP3 Carbon, and GP3 helmets. The Double Screen Anti-Fog (DSAF) Treatment features variable thickness that exceeds 5mm in the field of vision for excellent clarity and fog-control. Bell recommends that you periodically change shields for better vision and safety. All shields come with adjustable tear-off posts.
Part Number:BESSE3
Manufacturer:2010001, 2010002, 2010003, 2010004, 2010005, 2010006, 2010007, 2010008, 2010009, 2010010, 2010011, 2010012

Fits the following SA2015 Bell Helmets:

  • GP.3, GP.3 Carbon
  • GTX.3, GTX.3 Carbon

    Fits the following SA2005 and SA2010 Bell Helmets:
  • HP3
  • HP Star Infustion
  • GP2 (SA2005 only)

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