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AIM RPM Bridge

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The AIM RPM Bridge is designed to be used with the AIM SmartyCam Video Recorder/Data Logger to allow a vehicle's RPM overlay on the SmartyCam video. The RPM Bridge is necessary on cars that do not have an AIM compatible ECU (such as classic cars). RPM Data is received through a simple connection to the vehicle's coil.

The RPM signal can be received in two ways:
• Direct from the ECU through a square wave signal (from 4 to 50V) • From a coil low voltage input (from 150 to 450V)

Note: The RPM Bridge only samples RPM data - it does NOT record. It is designed to be used exclusively with the SmartyCam Data Logger, or AIM Dash (such as the Solo or G-Dash)
AIM RPM Bridge
AIM RPM Bridge Sale price$238.00