AIM MXm Compact Dash Data Logger



This product is on backorder and will ship when available.

The compact AiM MXm dash logger contains all of exciting features of AIM's dash systems, but in an ultra compact 5" display. The LCD display features fully customizable pages, allowing the user to choose from a vast library of page styles, and define exactly which data to be shown. Note: Due to a worldwide chip shortage, units do not currently include the accelerometer function.

Part Number:AIMMXS
  • ECU Connection: Capable of acquiring data directly from the vehicle's ECU.
  • Analog & Digital Inputs: 4 Analog inputs record up to 1000x per second each. 2 Digital inputs are also included.
  • Integrated GPS
  • Secondary CAN-line: CAN2 line manages data from additional modules, such as ABS, traction-control, etc.
  • Internal Accelerometer & Gyro: Internal 3-Axial accelerometer and a gyroscope for crucial vehicle motion data. *Not currently available.
  • 5 LED shift light array. Choose from a host of advanced multicolored RGB shift light patterns that can be customized to your liking, and for each unique gear when required.
  • Alarm LED's: 2 fully configurable RGB alarm LEDs
  • 2 Power Outputs: 

MXm is the dash logger which provides all the info needed by racers: it samples and shows key info like speed, laptimes, RPM, gears, along with a 9 axis inertial platform, multiple math channels and much more. Its strengths are the compact size, which makes MXm perfect to be fit into any kind of car, and its plug-and-play installation. Complete but simple, MXm is the perfect device for both Pro and Club racers.

Like many AIM systems, the MXm dash is infinitely expandable using the built-in CAN bus. Easily integrate accessories such as a SmartyCam camera system, or Lambda controller. Configuration is easy through the included Race Studio 3 software from AiM, and the dash can easily be accessed through the integrated WiFi connection.


  • MXm
  • 37-pin standard harness
  • Power Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Software CD w/ Race Studio 3

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