AIM EVO4S Data Logger with GS-Dash



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Combine the power of AIM's EVO4S Data Logger, with the compact and easy to read GS-Dash display. Compact, professional-level modular datalogger with integrated GPS. An integrated three-axial accelerometer records cornering, braking and acceleration forces, while the integrated GPS provides precise lap timing and track position analysis.

Part Number:AIMEVO4G
  • Integrated GPS & tri-axial accelerometer
  • Connect directly with the vehicle ECU for additional data
  • 5 Analog-channels, & 2 designated Speed-channels
  • External Power

AIM's EVO4S Data Logger keeps the same connection logic of EVO4, but with a completely redesigned internal electronic board, fully compatible with the latest generation of AiM dashloggers and the more powerful Race Studio 3 software. The compact, professional-level modular datalogger includes a three-axial accelerometer to record cornering, braking and acceleration forces, and an integrated GPS provides precise lap timing and track position analysis.

Includes the compact GS-Dash to instantly display important data to the driver. The lightweight, aluminum bodied dash is backlit and water resistant for use in all conditions. Features a fully customizable display, 6 alarm LED's, and 10 LED shift lights.

Package Includes: EVO4S, GS-Dash, GPS08 Module (different lengths, see below), 1 power cable, 1 digital output + RPM

cable, 1 CAN cable, 1 USB cable, mounting bracket, Race Studio 3 software CD.

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