OMP One 3+2 Convertible Harness - 2027 Expiration



This product is on backorder and will ship when available.

2022 Manufacture Date - Expires/Use Through 2027

Featuring a comfortable 2" lap belt, OMP's 205 HSL Harness quickly installs into any car with it's convertible Pull-up or Pull-down lap belt adjusters. Ultra-lightweight aluminum adjusters securely tighten the Head and Neck Restraint compatible 2/3" shoulder belts. OMP's exclusive FIA homologated double-pin T-Bar submarine belt offers additional security for maximum safety. Polyester webbing is lightweight and comfortable, and snap-in hardware is included at each belt end.

Rating:FIA 8853/2016
Sub-Strap:Dual (2), T-Type
Lap Adjuster:Pull Up or Pull Down
Belt Ends:Shoulders & Sub, Loose / Lap, Sewn
Hardware:Included (Snap-in w/ Eyebolts)
Part Number:OMDA205HSL


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