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Sparco K-Skid Karting Shoes

SKU: SP1277-41-BLK
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Based on Sparco's new Skid racing shoe, the Sparco K-Skid karting shoes feature similar innovations to vastly improve foot comfort and performance while running at 10/10th. By offsetting the closure, the pressure point of traditional laces is virtually eliminated by moving the lacing towards the side of the shoe, allowing for unparalled comfort without sacrificing fit. A stretch collar is added at the back of the ankle to improve foot dexterity, while an ergonomically cushioned inner sole further improves foot comfort. This focus on comfort is further aided by a perforated upper that maximizes airflow, combined with a breathable and sweat-wicking inner lining.

Sparco K-Skid Karting Shoe
Sparco K-Skid Karting Shoes Sale price$334.00