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"Your company defines the epitome of customer service. That is why you are my sole provider of racing products" - Matt F., Pennsylvania

"Received the order yesterday. Outstanding! Shipped complete and accurately, packed beautifully, had it in a couple of days. I am truly impressed. Wish I had discovered OG Racing sooner, after dealing with those other companies that have slick ads but no inventory, late shipments and lousy customer service." - Joe C., New York

"I wanted to thank you again for your superb customer support and timely shipping! OG racing is easy to do business with!" - Adam C., Ohio

"I just wanted to say thank you again for all of your assistance with helping me place my order yesterday. I can honestly say that you are the only dealer that bothered to call me back, not only to verify my order but also this morning when you found the item that I originally wanted was in stock after all! This shows me that OG Racing definitely cares about the customer and listens to what the customer wants." - Cathy R., Ohio

"I recently ordered some Pagid Pads (which were in stock by the way and almost everybody else were out!) from OG Racing and due to an error they were sent to the wrong address. Unfortunately this wasn't discovered until Thursday before a weekend event. Without batting an eye OG Racing got another set overnighted to me at absolutely no cost for shipping or pads! I had them early Friday ready as back-ups for my weekend. "- Alex R., NC

"I ordered a Brey-Krause fire extinguisher mount and fire extinguisher for Winterfest 2012. I needed this to pass tech, being told of this requirement at the last minute. Unfortunately, it was too late to ship the fire extinguisher to have it in time for the event. Mark happened to be coming to Sebring for the event and he brought the order to me personally. He then helped me install the items in the car in the dark and in the rain. I can't thank Mark and OG Racing enough for the support and the quality products."- Linda P., FL

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