Racing Spirit Essential Tee



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Don't underestimate the importance of simplicity and the never-ending quest to be the best on and off the track. Win or lose, tomorrow is another day and we will start over again. It's not how many times we fall, it's about how many times we stand up: This is what we do everyday, it's in our blood. This solid tee hints at who the wearer is; it speaks to your style and lets you write your own story. Wear it under a sport coat, or personalize it as you wish - you know who you are!

Manufacturer: RS/TS/0005/020/size, RS/TS/0012/071/size, RS/TS/0015/080/size, RS/TS/0021B/042/size, RS/TS/0026/081/size

  • 100% high quality Cotton
    • 30/1 Combed Ring Spun
      • Custom US Slim Fit cut
        • Jersey Construction creates a lightweight breathable shirt with a very soft touch

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