Pagid U-4345 Yellow Racing Pad - RS29 Compound

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The Pagid Yellow (RS 29) racing compound combines the outstanding wear rate of the RS19 with a slightly higher coefficient of friction and initial bite. Based on the RS14, A slight reduction of the friction value improves the modulation (controllability). Nevertheless, the friction value is enough for cars without power-assisted brake system and ensures comfortable low effort on the brake pedal. Constant temperatures up to 600?C (1,100?F) are possible. This combination of friction value, fading stability and low wear rates on pads and discs (rotors) is unmatched. Due to its excellent release characteristics and controllability PAGID endurance materials are also often used for sprint races. Due to its excellent driveability PAGID endurance materials are also often used for sprint races.

Popular applications: All endurance racing cars from group N (Speed-WC, Grand Am Cup), Group A up to GT and Sport-Prototypes (Grand Am DP).
Common Vehicle Fitments:

Lotus 3-Eleven 430 2015- Front/Rear
  Evora 3.5 2009- Front/Rear
  Exige V6 Sport 350 2016- Front
McLaren 570S GT4 Race All Rear
  570S, 540C, 570 GT 2015- Rear
  650S, Spyder 2014-17 Rear
  675LT 2015- Rear
  MP4-12C 2011-14 Rear

Common Caliper Fitments:

Manufacturer: Model:
Alcon RC4
AP Racing CP6600 D55

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