Hawk HB119G.594 Racing Pad - DTC-60 Compound

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The Hawk Performance DTC-60 compound is similar to the DTC-70 brake pad, but has less torque and initial bite, and improved pad wear. It is a great choice for lighter weight front axle applications or for a split friction set up (especially when paired with the DTC-70). The DTC-60 demonstrates excellent torque control that the DTC series is known for, providing first-rate modulation and release characteristics. Overall this is a great choice for cars needing high deceleration rates, with or without down force.

Common Vehicle Fitments:

Chevrolet Camaro (w/ Std Brakes) 1988-92 Front
Pontiac Firebird (w/o Perf. Package) 1988-92 Front

Common Caliper Fitments:

Manufacturer: Model:
Brakeman Replacement Metric Style
Coleman GM Metric
US Brake Oversize Metric GM
  Stock Metric GM
Wilwood GM Metric
  • Commonly known as GM Metric, this pad was used on many late model GM sedans, and is popular for dirt-track use.

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