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BSCI EIS W50 SFI Seat Insert Kit

Sale price$460.00


SFI-approved EIS (Energy Impact Systems) W50 foam is widely used throughout the motorsports industry where energy management is needed in impact zones. BSCI has brought this same technology to their seat-insert kit, allowing for an easy to create custom-molded seat-inserts that further help to manage the forces exerted on a driver during a crash. EIS W50 starts as a liquid during the mold process. Compared to similar custom seat-molds, this creates a much more personalized replication of the driver's body. EIS W50 foam is self-extinguishing in a fire, and the kit includes a soft Carbon-X cover for an attractive finished product.
BSCI EIS W50 SFI Seat Insert Kit
BSCI EIS W50 SFI Seat Insert Kit Sale price$460.00