Brey Krause R-9775 Seat Side Mount Bracket - Cobra Nogaro to Porsche Sliders

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The Brey Krause R-9775 Racing Seat Side Mount Bracket allows for the easy installation of Cobra Nogaro Racing Seats into Porsche 996, 997, Boxster, and Cayman models using the OEM factory non-power sliders. Designed to keep the driver as low as possible, an inboard seat belt mount is integrated into the adapter for easy installation of the factory seat-belt hardware.

Note: Factory non-power slider assembly from the 996 (and some 997's) required for installation. Will not fit power sliders. Not compatible with later 997 & 987 models with tabbed sliders.
Part Number:BR9775
  • Using OEM sliders allows for belts to mount above sliders.
  • Stock 3 point belt receiver attaches with no addition parts required.
  • Sub strap mount available: R-9030 (one required per seat).
  • Clip in lap belt mount points available: R-9004 (one required per seat).
  • Designed to be used with Porsche 996 manual sliders or R-9044 (both of which bolt directly to the floor in all water cooled Porsche sports cars).
  • For lower/lighter solution without sliders, the R-9775 can bolt in multiple forward/rearward positions to the R-9044 adapter (one required per seat, sub strap mount included).
  • The manual 996/986 sliders can be purchased used or new by using the Audi part numbers for this part (identical, made in same factory): 8N0881183, 8N0881184

Other Applications:

  • 911 (’64-’89), 964, 993, 944, 924, and 968. (Required: Brey-Krause R-9043 adapter & manual 996/986 sliders.)
  • Ferrari F430. (Required: Manual 996/986 sliders.)
  • Audi TT MK1 (Required: Manual TT MK1 sliders, or Manual 996/986 sliders.)

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