Brey Krause R-9260 Seat Side Mount Adapter - BMW E9x, Large Width

SKU: BR9260


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The Brey Krause R-9260 Seat Mount is a unique direct-to-floor mount that fits the driver or passenger side of BMW E9x 3-Series Sedans and Coupes (including the M3). The R-9260 works with wider width side-mounting seats with a measurement at the side-mounting point of 435-460mm. The lightweight bracket is designed to bolt directly to the floor of the car using the factory BMW seat-mounting hardware, eliminating the heavy sliding-mechanism, and providing the lowest possible seat mounting position. Snap-in hooks are built into the mounts for easy installation of multi-point harnesses, while a mounting point is also included to install the factory, 3-point belt hardware. Easily integrates with the Brey Krause R-9259 Sub Strap Mount or R-2295 Fire Extinguisher Mount (both sold separately).
Part Number:BR9260
  • Fits all BMW E9x 3-Series models, including M3.
  • The R-9260 fits seats between 435mm - 460mm wide at the side mount mounting point.
  • Bolts directly to floor of the car - No other hardware needed
  • Tested and certified by an independent lab to handle the types of forces required by the National Highway Traffic Safety Admin. DOT and SAE J385 Rev.MAR 95, Motor Vehicle Seat Belt Anchorages-Performance Requirements.
  • Rear seat mounting holes, which take the majority of the load in a crash, are not slotted, adding considerable strength.
  • Material: Type 304, stainless steel
  • Finish: Powdercoated in durable black wrinkle-finish
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs.

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