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Brey Krause R-9260 Seat Side Mount Adapter - BMW E9x, Large Width

SKU: BR9260
Sale price$327.00
The Brey Krause R-9260 Seat Mount is a unique direct-to-floor mount that fits the driver or passenger side of BMW E9x 3-Series Sedans and Coupes (including the M3). The R-9260 works with wider width side-mounting seats with a measurement at the side-mounting point of 435-460mm. The lightweight bracket is designed to bolt directly to the floor of the car using the factory BMW seat-mounting hardware, eliminating the heavy sliding-mechanism, and providing the lowest possible seat mounting position. Snap-in hooks are built into the mounts for easy installation of multi-point harnesses, while a mounting point is also included to install the factory, 3-point belt hardware. Easily integrates with the Brey Krause R-9259 Sub Strap Mount or R-2295 Fire Extinguisher Mount (both sold separately).