Brey Krause R-9013 Camera Mount - Fits R-1029 Harness Bar

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The Brey Krause R-9013 Camera Mount is designed for the Porsche 996/997 Cabriolet with a Brey Krause R-1029 Harness Bar installed. This stainless steel mount builds on the standard three-axis adjustments with an additional tilting pivot to allow for additional camera adjustments as required in the Cabriolet. Strap secures camera to mount. Holds one camera via a standard shoe.

Part Number: BR9013
Manufacturer: R-9013
  • Material: Support assembly is fabricated from 304 stainless steel with urethane mounting clamp
  • Finish: Satin stainless finish
  • Weight: 2.375 lbs.
  • Models: Porsche 996/997 Cabriolet equipped with Brey-Krause R-1029 harness bar
  • Installation: Clamps to center of harness bar - has pivot to allow for tilting
  • Notes: Holds one camera via standard shoe
  • Click Here for the Installation Instructions

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