Bell SE07 DSAF Helmet Shield - Fits RS7, KC7 & HP7 Helmets



This product is on backorder and will ship when available.

Bell SE07 DSAF Replacement Shields are specifically designed for Bell HP7 and RS7 helmets. The Double Screen Anti-Fog (DSAF) Treatment features variable thickness that exceeds 5mm in the field of vision for excellent clarity and fog-control. Bell recommends that you periodically change shields for better vision and safety. All shields come with adjustable tear-off posts.
Part Number:BESSE7
Manufacturer:2010041, 2010042, 2010043, 2010044, 2010045, 2010046, 2010047, 2010048, 2010049, 2010050, 2010051, 2010052, 2010056

Fits the following Bell Helmets:

  • HP7
  • RS7, RS7 Pro, RS7 Carbon, RS7C Lightweight
  • RS7K Lightweight, RS7K
  • KC7-CMR, KC7-CMR Carbon

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