Bell KC7 CMR Youth Karting Helmet



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Based on the F1-derived HP7 helmets, Bell's KC7 CMR Kart Racing Helmet features an advanced ventilation system and superior aerodynamics. The 14 intake and extraction channels can be used with or without air-intake covers to better maximize cooling. The DSAF (Double Screen Anti Fog) shield works alongside a rubber gasket seal to ensure maximum visibility in wet conditions. Certified to the FIA/Snell CMR standard designated for kart racers under the age of 18.

Rating:Snell/FIA CMR2016
Weight (MED Size):N/A
Shield Style:SE07 DSAF, 3mm
Manufacturer:2153350, 2153351, 2153352, 2153353, 2153354, 2153355, 2153356, 2153357
  • Extremely Light Weight: 1186 grams in sizes 52 to 56 and 1230 grams in sizes 57 to 59 (+/-3%)
  • Innovative Shell and Shield Design to Improved Acoustic Comfort, Aerodynamic Performance and Energy Absorbing Capacities
  • Design based on the Innovative HP7 used in F1
  • Lightweight Carbon Composite Shell
  • Advanced Ventilation System with 14 Intake and Extraction Channels
  • Pro-Style, Multi Foam Density Interior with Superior Moisture Wicking Properties
  • Comfort-Plus Karting Style Interior with Removable / Replaceable Cheek Pads
  • Hollow Synthetic Rubber Gasket Seal Ensuring that Air, Water and Dust Can

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