OG Racing Rental Helmets

So, you're ready to hit the track! You've taken the first steps of signing up for an event and making an appointment at the local shop for a pre-track inspection to ensure your car is ready for the track. You can't wait to learn all about car control techniques, going fast, and meeting other motorsports enthusiasts! But as you continue to read the event information, you learn that a helmet is required for your safety to get on track. OG Racing Rental Helemets With so many different types of helmets and racing helmet options, deciding which helmet is best for you may take time, especially if browsing online. Suppose you're short on time before the event. In that case, it may not be feasible to commit to a helmet purchase, or you may be interested in a carbon fiber helmet that's out of your budget… so you'd really like to try it on first to make sure it fits. (we have a great article about helmet fitment HERE)

We're almost sure you'll be totally hooked on Track Days after completing your first event! However, sometimes that isn't the case, and shelling out $$$ for a BRAND spankin' new helmet isn't realistic. That's why we're happy to offer Rental Helmets to our customers.OG Racing Rental Helmet G-Force Nova Full Face Racing Helmet for Track Days, HPDE, Driver Instruction, Drift Events, Autocross, Rallycross, Road Racing Competition School Rest assured, you'll have a legal SA helmet for your track day adventures! Rental fees are $55 with a $400 deposit. (to make sure we get our precious rental helmet returned to us) Upon returning the rental helmet after no more than 10 days, we will refund you the $400. A $55 credit will be applied to any helmet order should you choose to purchase a helmet from OG! So, there should be no excuses as to why you can't get yourself on track if it's something you've always wanted to do! Your helmet rental will pay for itself with the $55 rebate we give you if you buy a helmet from us.  

What type of Rental Helmets does OG Racing offer, you ask? Thanks to G-Force Racing, we have a fresh fleet of G-Force NOVA Full Face Helmets. This FIA and Snell-rated helmet features an extensive carbon fiber composite shell with G-Force's Comfort Blend Plus liner. The tall eyeport allows for ample field of vision, and usually accommodates those that wear eye glasses. The Aerodynamic design helps to draw air into the large cooling vents to help keep you cool behind the wheel. It's a popular helmet in the shop, and for a good reason!G-Force Nova Fusion Full Face SA2020 Helmet We also stock the NOVA in different colors to suit every driver's taste. It's also available in an open-faced version, as well as a lightweight carbon fiber composite version should you choose to purchase one after spending a day in the rental.

All rental helmets are thoroughly disinfected after each use and then placed in quarantine for a week. After quarantine, helmets are inspected for safety and returned to the rental rotation.