How to wash your Nomex Race Suit

Ensuring the fire-retardant integrity of your race suit doesn't degrade over time can be achieved with proper cleaning and care. Always follow the manufactures recommended care and cleaning instructions to get the most out of your race suit.

Caring for your race suit begins the minute you return to the paddock after passing 7 Miata’s, 2 Corvettes, and a Camaro. Definitely take the time to check tire pressures and temps, but don't get into full wrenching mode until after changing out of your driver's suit. It's essential to hang your racing suit until dry to remove moisture and prevent sweat from damaging suit materials. What's equally as damaging is the replacement cost for a new suit- so pay attention.

The importance of hanging your suit to dry OUT of direct sunlight should be noted. UV rays can break down fibers and reduce their fire-retardant effectiveness. Plus, you'll turn even faster laps because a dry suit weighs less. Basic racecar math.


Washing and caring for a nomex racing suit

Dry cleaning is an option if stated in the manufacturer's instructions. However, using a dry cleaner with experience cleaning fire retardant clothing is essential, as some chemicals can reduce the heat-resistant qualities.

We recommend washing racing suits by hand- it's the gentlest method. If you don't have the time to hand wash your race suit, then using the delicate wash cycle in the washing machine is the next best option. You know how your mom always taught you to separate your whites from colors- well, separate your race gear from your street apparel, fill up the sink, pull up a Youtube tutorial on hand washing, and get to work. Make sure you put in as much effort as you would to anything related to your finely tuned track weapon.

Regardless of machine or hand washing, remember to wash your racing suit in COLD water, close all zippers, and secure Velcro belts to avoid damage while washing. Choose a mild detergent specially formulated for technical fabrics, such as Molecule. Never use detergents containing bleach.

We recommend Molecule spot cleaner for quick touch-ups at the track or for those hard-to-remove stains, as it won't damage suit materials (and it smells great!)

Molecule cleaning products to wash a nomex racing suit

After washing, it's essential to hang the suit dry indoors out of direct sunlight. If short on time, it's okay to toss your racing suit in the dryer on the delicate cycle. Just like on track, too much heat is always something to avoid (I'm talking to you, Mr. Turbo Subi, who blew by me before becoming another victim to the gravel trap at turn 1 due to poor brake fluid choices)

Once you've finished washing your suit to the same loving level you would clean a Porsche GT3, you neatly fold it up and stow it away in its proper gear bag, along with all your other racing gear. This way, when your driving career takes off, and you get invited to Sebring for a seat in a 24-hour endurance race, all your racing gear is nicely tucked away and ready for the next green flag. You're welcome! Stay safe out there!

washing a nomex race suit